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Completing a Funding Application

Writing a funding request can be daunting so here is some advice to make your application successful so you get the money to get your project off the ground!


  • Writing an applications it is 80% preparation 20% writing so:-
    • Work out what it is you want to do
    • Why it is important
    • Who you will be helping
    • What difference your project will make
    • Collate statistics and facts to explain there is a need for your proposed activity


  • Research funders and the eligibility criteria for the money:-
    • Check who can apply for money and you fall into this category
    • Identify what purposes the funder wants to give money for and your project meets the criteria
    • How much can be applied for – there could be a minimum as well as maximum
    • What is the deadline for sending in applications – make sure you send it in before the final date!
    • When does the money need to be used by?
    • Use the appropriate funder for the level of grant required
    • Allow enough time between sending applications and the start of the project
    • If you have a large project, split the work into different, smaller projects. Give each project a name and ask the funder for a specific amount of money to fund a particular area
    • Ensure that you have funding for the whole project before you start though!


  • Remember the funder will not be familiar with your organisation so:-
    • Avoid jargon and acronyms keep it succinct, clear and precise
    • Choose a title for the project to explain exactly what you want the money for
    • Get to the point in the first paragraph:-
      • What do you want to do?
      • Why it’s important?
      • How much will it cost?
      • Who you are helping?
    • What difference your project will make?
    • Explain the social benefits not just the financial benefits of your project
    • Ask the funder for a specific amount of money to fund a particular area of work
    • Make sure you get all your points across and answer all of the questions asked on the application form
    • Use facts & figures, evidence the need for your project and provide details of any consultations
    • Think about the project as a package – include salaries, volunteer expenses, running costs if applicable
    • Give evidence of any partnership work, links to other services
    • Include a budget and project plan which includes ideas about what will happen at the end of the project – sustainability and the exit strategy. Funders want to know about longevity of your project
    • Get someone to appraise your application before sending it
    • Ensure your named contact can confidently answer questions the funder may have about the project
    • Ensure the application is signed by the appropriate person and submitted by the deadline date
    • Good Luck!

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