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November 11, 2020
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November 12, 2020

Yellow Door are a local independent charity offering Information, Advice, Advocacy, Emotional and Practical Support, Education and Counselling, and Activities to young people between 11 and 25.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Counselling Service.
At Yellow Door we are committed to improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our clients.

We offer free one-to-one counselling sessions for 11-25 year olds in a safe, informal setting that helps the young people to feel at ease.

Counselling can help with a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias and addictions. Building trusting relationships is an important aspect of our work and it enables young people to explore and manage their feelings around issues such as bullying, bereavement, family breakdown and relationships.

At Yellow Door we are able to refer counselling clients to our other services, such as sports coaching, Next Level Drama Group, social skills group, QT Club or young volunteers. We have found that a holistic approach to wellbeing has an increased impact in improving confidence and self-esteem as well as reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Counselling is by appointment and can be online, via telephone and face to face. Call to make referral. 01268 683431

Stressbusters Course
Stressbusters is a four week course where we can help young people identify problems and issues which make them feel anxious and worried.  There are two courses for different ages 11 to 13 and 14 to 16.   A questionnaire is completed on week one and the same questionnaire is completed at the end of the course to assess if the course has helped.  Each course is based on the topics identified by the young people in the first week.

The course is informal and a range of activities are provided to help the young people find ways to reduce their stress.  Group discussions, video clips, apps, websites, arts and crafts are also used.  At the end of the course everyone is provided with a small box to take home which has their own ideas to help them in the future.

Still running during lockdown, call to make referral and for more information. 01268 683431

Social Skills Support 11 to 18
This social skills support is aimed at building confidence in young people age 11 to18.   Helping them understand how to socially interact with other young people, this could be general social skills.  For example, not interrupting; saying please and thank you; maintaining eye contact; helping them understand different types of conversations like small talk and why sometimes this is necessary.

The aim is that there will be a group of 3-4 max young people who can interact, feel less anxious about making new friends and talking to people.  They can then move onto one of our other groups like quiet club, sports or drama etc. There is no time limit for social skills it is just when the young person feels ready enough to move on.

Still running during lockdown, call to make referral and for more information. 01268 683431

Social Skills Support 18 to 25
This support is aimed at anyone aged 18 to 25 to discuss how to meet new people, build social confidence & reduce feelings of isolation.  It is for young adults who suffer with social anxiety or have found themselves feeling isolated.

Striking up friendships as an adult can be difficult, so we have created a service for over 18’s to meet new people, where icebreakers are facilitated for those that feel anxious.

Learn useful tips on conversation starters and build social confidence.

Still running during lockdown, call to make referral and for more information. 01268 683431

Advice, Information and Support

Food Bank
The Food Bank out of Yellow Door Youth Hub runs 5 days a week Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. It will support any age range. We support all age ranges and families. No referral is required for the first 4 weeks of support. During the Covid period, we have supplied over 80,000 meals to individuals, couple and families.

Still running during lockdown, just come to Yellow Door and ring bell on table outside.

Job Club.
Job club provides careers advice & support accessing employment or training, for young people age 25 and under.  The job club can provide guidance and support to make decisions about a future career path, or for those that need practical support to reach their dream job.

This service is dedicated to help young people reach their short term and long term goals, and includes completing CVs & cover letters, to application forms & interview tips.

Each young person is more than a service user; we take pride in looking at their individual needs, offering various types of support from the Yellow Doors holistic service.

Closed during lockdown but support can be offered via telephone.

Drug & Alcohol Advice, information & one – one support.
We have a full time substance misuse worker available Monday – Friday, this service can be by telephone to give advice to users, peers, family or professionals. One to one sessions are available for those seeking longer term support and a referral option to access commissioned treatment services.

Still running during lockdown, call to make referral and for more information. 01268 683431

Advice and Support
We can offer a wide range of advice, information and support on issues young people face including homelessness, finding accommodation and benefits.

Only by phone during lockdown call 01268 683431

Clubs and Activities

QT Club.
This club is for young people age 11 to 18, with learning difficulties and anxiety about meeting new people or being in new situations.  Each week there is a fun activity provided for example tie dyeing t- shirts, water balloon painting, pumpkin decorating.  There is also a pool table, PlayStation, football, basketball and arts and crafts.  The aim of this club is to provide a sociable environment for young people to meet other young people and take part in activities that they may not have tried before.

Still open during lockdown by invite only. Call to make referral and for more information. 01268 683431

Youth café.
The youth café is for young people age 11 to 18 and the aim is to provide a chill out session.  There are activities that they young people may want to do for example play pool or on the play station, but the environment is less structured.

Closed during lockdown

Interact Group
This is a community based project where young people age 12 to 18 can carry out two projects each year.  One of the projects benefits the local community and one which is international and can make a different to people across the world. The young people choose the projects and they can build communication and leaderships skills.  At the end of each session the young people have time to chill out and play pool.

By Zoom during lockdown. Call for more information. 01268 683431

Sports Activities.
There are a number of different groups proving a range of sporting activities, provided by our sports coach Callum, including dodgeball, Table tennis, and Basketball.

Closed during lockdown but one to one coaching available for vulnerable young people. Call for more information. 01268 683431

Performing Arts Group – Next Level.
This group is for young people age 11 to 18. It helps them learn to sing, dance and act whilst they have fun and develop confidence.  The group have put on shows at venues for the local community including our elderly neighbours in support housing.

By Zoom during lockdown. Call for more information. 01268 683431

Education and School Support

Yellow Door Drug and Alcohol Education Workshops.
Yellow Door delivers educational workshops on drugs, alcohol and gangs. These workshops deliver information to pupils that is factually accurate. Their emphasis is on truth and not fear arousal. The situations, language and images are appropriate for pupils’ maturity, understanding and knowledge and are up-to-date and relevant to the age group. We also run training days on issues surrounding substance misuse to professionals and the community.

Still available during lockdown

Sports Education program

Our sport coach delivers a sport and wellbeing programme to Year 5 and Year 6 groups. These sessions consisted of 40/50 minutes of physical activity and 20 minutes of education on health and wellbeing once a week. The aim was to build a good rapport with the young people, to keep the learning short and to the point so they could retain their focus and remember what they had learnt. The sessions offered a range of sporting activities all to get them engaged and enjoying sport. The Education Session included subjects such as Personal Hygiene, Teamwork, Leadership, and Healthy Eating.

Still available during lockdown

Detached and Outreach Work

Outreach at Waterside Skate Park
Our Youth Work Team go to Waterside Skate Park, Canvey every week on a Tuesday afternoon.  They work with the young people offering advice, information and support on a range of issues including positive relationships, promoting healthy eating, and offering advice and support on drugs, alcohol, and sexual health. They are also a positive adult presence at the Park.

This will continue during Lockdown,

Outreach through sports
Every Thursday afternoon we provide sports and activities in the Avenues, Canvey. This allows the children and young people to literally step outside their door and engage in sports activities with their friends in a fun safe environment. We have had a range of children and young people attending from years 4 to 12. It is a real community and family environment. We constantly encourage positive behaviour and have a good rapport with the children and young people. The aim is to improve social skills, physical abilities and confidence.

We will not be able to provide sports activities during lockdown but will continue to meet and young people on the streets in the Avenues area on a Thursday afternoon, offering advice and support.

During lockdown youth workers will be out and about working with young people on the streets throughout Canvey Island offering advice, support and information about keeping safe and keeping to the law during lockdown.

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