Do you struggle with your energy bills? Call Warm Homes Essex 0300 3033 789

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December 1, 2020
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Do you struggle with your energy bills? Call Warm Homes Essex 0300 3033 789

You may have high heating costs as a result of a health condition, or because your house is drafty and loses a lot of heat, or your boiler is old and inefficient.

You may be on a low income.
All of these things can mean that people cut back on their heating use, or get into serious arrears with their supplier or cut back in other areas – such as food or essentials. None of these consequences are good for your physical, financial, or emotional wellbeing.

Essex Warm Homes is here to help.
Staffed by experienced, professional advisers, based in local Citizens Advice offices around Essex, our service is resourced by the Warm Homes Fund.

  • Maximising your income to make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Helping you with fuel debt – if you have already fallen to arrears (in some cases we can apply to trusts and foundations to help pay these off – giving you a fresh start)
  • Energy saving around the home
  • Energy tariffs – are you on the best one for you?
  • Access to grants for energy saving improvements – we can help you find the best scheme and help you apply
  • Access to emergency fuel payments
  • We can also provide free energy saving devices around the home.

Call 0300 3033 789 to find out how Warm Homes Essex can help  you.

Warm Homes Essex is a project of Citizens Advice Essex, a consortium of the Local Citizens Advice network across Essex Charity no. 1153582 Company no. 06150651.

RRAVS | Rayleigh and Rochford District Association for Voluntary Service

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