Fall Proof: Preventing falls and staying well

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February 13, 2023
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February 21, 2023

Fall Proof: Preventing falls and staying well

From Jamie Langstone – SEE Alliance Coordinator & ABSS Co-production Officer.
We have received the first draft of the Falls Prevention booklet (see below).  The resource has been produced as a booklet in an A4 format to reduce the page count and to keep the font size at a minimum of 14pt. We are keen to hear your views on this first draft of the resource as well as some testing with the intended audience. If you can support with testing the resource with residents or people that you work with, that would be really appreciated.  There is also a resident feedback section in the form provided.

Next Steps:

Summary of Changes:

  • A one page ‘High Risk’ section has been added, which is similar to the CDC resource to address a comment about the lack of content around the environment.
  • There’s also a new ‘being prepared’ section with info about key safes etc, and a further info/contacts section as it was raised that there wasn’t any info on what people should do after a fall.
  • Adjustments have been made to the TUMBLES sections (listed below)
    • T is now Trip Hazards instead of toilet
    • U is Urine and hydration instead of just urine
    • M is just Medication instead of medication and mobility (mobility stuff I put under E for equipment as someone had raised adding an Equipment section)
    • B is Balance and Blood Pressure instead of beds, bells and blood pressu
    • L is Lighting and Eyesight instead of just lighting
    • E is Exercise and Equipment instead of eyesight and exercise
    • S is Slips, Shoes and Slippers instead of just slippers and shoes. It was strange that the original leaflet didn’t really have any focus on slips.

Download the booklet below.

Download Files Below

File Description Date added File size Downloads
pdf Falls_Prevention_Booklet 7_2_23 February 20, 2023 6:02 pm 526 KB 426
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